Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Intro to Sevilla Graffiti

So, this southern boy who likes weird things has moved to Sevilla Spain, and I get to spend a whole year in this wonderful place. Within the first few hours of being here, I noticed two things; how beautiful this city is and how much graffiti there is. I have never lived in a big city, the only two before this were the North Carolina towns of Asheville and Chapel Thrill, so this graffiti thing is new to me. I don't know much about good graffiti, it's scene or culture. I just know that some of them look better than others. So no hatin on this southern boy for wasting time on documenting this stuff. I have time to kill and this was a great way to do so. I would have got into graffiti more, but I am visually impaired and had to turn to beats for my form of expression. The posted image is the first one that I saw that was worth taking a picture of. Plus I understood the language (I don't speak Spanish, I just ended up here). Sukone


Manon said...

Hola! I'm in Sevilla at the moment (Sorry, my english is rubbish) and I'm reading your article. Could you tell me where can I found this famous graffiti? There are some in the streets I visited but not so much, so... I'm very interested and a lot of people speak about "The street art of Sevilla" !

sqrt (Brian) said...

Go to Paseo Rey Juan Carlos, around Puente de la Barqueta. There is about 3 km worth of walls painted.

Sandra Wickert said...

soy periodista alemana y hasta manana en sevilla.
estoy haciende on reportaje sobre la cultura hip hop en sevilla.
ayer ya hablé con unos breakdancers y hoy encontré tu blog.
me gustaría mucho hablar contigo y mejor ver unos grafitis.
si tienes tiempo hoy o mejor manana, mandame un mensaje, sería muy feliz!

el reportaje es para la revista europea online www.cafebabel.com y va
a ser traducido en 5 idiomas.

muchos saludos