Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wichita ICT Fest

I went to Wichita for the first time this weekend to see some bands at ICT Fest. I was walking around the old town in the downtown area with the people I went down with, and I stumbled upon this wall. This was taken on Douglas I think, near a bar called "The Anchor" at a tatoo joint named "The Electric Chair"

Note- This post originally incorrectly credited these paint splatters to Chris Trenary, (sometimes the word on the street ain't right) and it has since been corrected. But, if you are in the Wichita area, stop by some of the local art venues around town and check out some of his works on exhibit.


Rolfe Bautista said...

what a fun blog you have!!! I love it and greetings from colorado.

Dupikshunz said...

none of these pictures you have include any work done by Chris Trenary. He does paint this wall on occasion, but none of this is his.

sqrt (Brian) said...

thanks for pointing that out Dupikshunz, I got some bad info . . . I have since corrected this post. My apologizes.

nikki said...

hey ever checked out the graffiti
i dublin?????

sqrt (Brian) said...

The only place I have ever been in Dublin is the airport, but if I ever have the pleasure, I will get some graffiti pics for sure. I did go to Cork for a long weekend though. I found 2 works in the downtown area (I didn't have much time to explore)


Thanks for the comment!